BrainChild NutritionalsBrainchild Nutritional’s is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that produces the most bio available, absorbable and purest form of liquids supplement. Our mission is to help environmentally sensitive people find optimal nutrition, especially with regard to detoxification, digestion and the brain.


Treatment OptionsAs the professional division of Standard Homeopathic Company, Treatment Options is the preferred provider of Standard Homeopathic Company remedies, Hyland’s homeopathic formulas and 1800Homeopathy products. The Treatment Options facility is a stand alone licensed pharmacy and modern laboratory designed to provide the most comprehensive choice of homeopathic medicines to healthcare professionals and their patients. Our mission is to build and maintain the strongest personal relationships with practitioners of all levels of homeopathy, and to provide unique tools to support the practice and use of homeopathy in all of its forms. We are making substantive investments in research and development of homeopathic medicines and, more importantly, in the mechanisms to bring these medicines to practitioner and patient in the most efficient manner possible.